Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor: Launches in April, 12 MP cam and 1.5 GHz Quad Core CPU


It’s glaring that the Galaxy S3, the most recent model of Android will get. If this weren’t so, the spot would occur to all cell phone producers Samsung. An HD display can be very doubtless. Even within the present edition Galaxy Nexus is an HD reveal from Samsung and put in Google has because Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the default decision to 1280 x 720 pixels. The Galaxy S3 is due to this fact more likely to have this decision.


A 12 megapixel camera at first sounds good, but are overkill for such small optics. More megapixels means from a certain degree, unfortunately, worse pictures as more pixels the same amount of light coming through the lenses share must. Samsung should still put on a 12 megapixel camera, you may very excited about the quality of the camera.



Next, the processor is under discussion. Eldar Murtazin suggests that the Galaxy S3 one 1.5 GHz Quad Core processor will have. This would definitely be a big step forward, because the current smartphone upper class are still happy with dual core processors. Since stagnation means regression, this rumor is quite probable. Moreover, it is then this wonderful enhancement: SGS Single Core, Dual-Core SGS2, SGS3 quad-core.

Samsung will not this year be the only manufacturer with a quad core processor, but a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor in a mobile phone is appalling – many laptops will be less efficient processors. To the processor, of course, is also a good graphics chip. Samsung has disappointed in the Galaxy Nexus in this respect, unfortunately, and a higher clocked chip installed SGS. The Samsung S2 Galaxy already had a newer model available. Since games on Android finally develop towards quality iPhone, Samsung has hopefully also a new development in the sleeve.



Furthermore Murtazin also speculates about the appearance date . According to him it is from April to be sold. This date would be 11 months after the launch of the Samsung S2 Galaxy and thus sounds very realistic.



Eldar Murtazin often proved to be a good source of rumors and definitely has more credibility than other rumors. Nevertheless, one must also say this, that there is (still) are not facts. Is the only thing is what that the Galaxy S3 better than the current model, which is currently still one of the best devices on the market. We must therefore look forward to the new model.[via Phone Arena ]


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