The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the newest sensible telephone from Samsung electronics, the Samsung Galaxy S4 house owners are doubtless to purchase the most recent equipment to totally make the most of their Samsung galaxy S4 instrument options and offer protection to their new pricey instrument.

There are some helpful equipment on hand for the Samsung Galaxy S4 device.


Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover 




Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover Protects the front screen of your Galaxy S4 from scratches and front-on impacts. This S view case replaces the original back side cover of your Samsung galaxy S4, clipping onto the back of your Galaxy S4 and folds over the front when not in use. The most important part of the device, the large 5 inch screen, is protected from harm and scratches without the added weight and thickness usually associated with flip covers.

S View case for Galaxy S4 includes a cut out which allows you to view  messages and incoming calls at a glance though the front cover also you can receive a phone call without having to open the front of the S view cover .


Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit



Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 extra battery kit provides a solution for non stop power availability. This is a combination of stand, battery charger and battery .You can place your Galaxy S4 device at a suitable angle for viewing videos, emails and texts while at the same time charging the included S4 battery.

This is a genuine Samsung electronics‘s product, so you can be sure about the high quality product and completely compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S4 device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protectors



The Samsung Galaxy S4 screen protectors are designed to keep your phone’s screen safe from scratches & scrapes that could hamper your screen’s visibility. The Samsung Galaxy S4 screen protector keeps your device safe.


Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 S Band Fitness Bracelet



Samsung Galaxy S4 S Band Fitness Bracelet provides a healthier and informed lifestyle.  Samsung’s S-Heath 2.0 app with input user data will provide connectivity with the S Band fitness bracelet. This fitness bracelet will measure your exercise details such as recording of user jogging steps, calories burned & distance covered.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 Body Scales




This is genuine Samsung Body Scales product for use with the Samsung Galaxy S4 device. Samsung Galaxy S4 Body Scales is designed to smartly measure your body weight and keep you inform about your progress. It measures your body weight and sends the information it to your Galaxy S4 device via the Samsung S-Health 2.0 app.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Pad



This genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging pad has been designed to meet the unique styling and functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S4 device .This is the perfect office or home charging solution for your Galaxy S4 device

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Pad keeps a sleek and ultra slim design and provides an electromagnetic field for wireless charging.

It features an over-charging prevention function and you can use in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging cover. It’s an official Samsung accessory

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is a high end device from Samsung electronics. It supports a variety of accessories such as Samsung car charger with micro USB, Samsung Galaxy S4 car holders, Samsung Galaxy S4 desk stands, Samsung Galaxy S4 HDTV adapter, Samsung Stylus for better displays and Samsung Galaxy S4 wi-fi headphones .These helpful equipment makes your job more practical and offers you extra choices to make use of your instrument well.


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