Samsung Galaxy S4 costs $236 to produce



Samsung Galaxy S4 costs $236 to produce. This is the figure reports the site iSuppli who studied each component of the Galaxy S4 and cost to establish the final bill of the manufacture of the last high-end smartphone from Samsung. Thus, the S4 Galaxy cost $236 to build.

All components have the same value and as you can imagine, this is the Super AMOLED HD Galaxy S4 which is the most expensive component with 75 dollars each. Samsung Exynos processor 5 Octa ranked second for $30. Note that the 600 Snapdragon processor used in the French version only costs $20. Finally, the combo internal memory and memory which ranks third most expensive components with $28. I’ll let you see the table showing the components of the two versions of the Galaxy S4 as well as the Galaxy S3.
Note that the Galaxy S4 costs about $ 31 more to produce than the Galaxy S3. I must say that the Galaxy S4 is at the forefront of what is currently done and the processor from Samsung seems expensive to produce. We do not know if this will be felt on the final invoice smartphone which is currently displayed at the maximum price of $699  before knowing the retail price that Samsung has not yet communicated.


Manufacturing value of the Galaxy S4

Remember that that these manufacturing prices are delivered these of analysis and building, distribution or advertising and marketing and merchandising. Samsung clearly takes a perfect margin, one phase being reinvested for the subsequent terminal, despite the fact that we have no idea finish … As a bonus, a image that summarizes the Galaxy S line of smartphones!

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