In recent years, we saw dozens of news smartphone explosion. Some of these have seriously hurting the explosion, some were not so damaged.

So far, we have seen many times in the smartphone burns. In fact, over the past two days before the explosion that the iPhone 5C leg and 3rd degree burns that have remained in the hospital for 10 days, we share our news with you.


News from the users for the past year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 worried. Galaxy S4, S5 which is on a similar story with photographs published by a Reddit user.


The user supposedly went to the grocery store and left the phone on the table. While on the table, he noticed a burning smell in the house, claiming  that it was from the Galaxy S5 that was left on his desk. Supposedly, he still owe T-Mobile $400 for the smartphone.Third-party users pour a glass of water to extinguish claims to use the phone battery or charger.

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