galaxy s5

galaxy s5Samsung Galaxy S5 laid emphasis on tracking the health of the owner, and this phone has got an optical sensor heart rate . Enough for a few seconds, press your finger to the window of the scanner ( to the right of the flash on the rear side ) to produce metering pulse wave component and heart rate .

South Korean regulator demanded Samsung to stop advertising the new flagship device Galaxy S5 as a medical device , despite the fact that the device has a sensor heart rate . The company itself , according to Cybersecurity, was harvested already many promotional materials medical orientation , so the order of the regulator can complicate sales launch Galaxy S5.

Ministry grocery and drug safety stated that Samsung took the nuances of the law , to position S5 as a medical device under development formally matched together medical category. Office also stated that it intends to clarify the law in this area and to tighten the certification of medical solutions in the market .

“Although technically Galaxy S5 falls under the category of medical devices , it will be excluded from it after a revision of the legal framework . Exception will take about 25 days, ” – said in a ministry statement .

Also in the Korean ministry said that the company was going to use a similar advertising in the U.S., Japan and the UK , but here regulators banned Samsung to do likewise .

Galaxy S5 will be the first mass smartphone with a built-in sensor heart rate . Gadget sensor can also be combined with “smart” clock to keep track of heart rate during exercise. In the Korean Ministry of Health said that the medical device is a formal solution that allows you to diagnose and localize or prevent disease. Technically , Galaxy S5 falls under the first category , but in fact it’s not a device that helps to diagnose the disease .

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