Samsung Galaxy S5 Plastic more expensive to produce than the iPhone 5s


gal-iph-1Analyst firm IHS estimates the cost of components flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5. The unit value of 30 000 enrolled in the Russian retail at the end of last week.

Analysts have estimated that the total cost of completing Galaxy S5 is $ 256 – depending on the model . This is almost 13% more expensive than the iPhone 5s. If we believe the data presented by iSuppli, the cost of all components of the entry-level top-end Apple device is $ 191, and taking into account the cost of assembly , it grows to $199.

Disassembly showed that a significant proportion of components released Samsung Galaxy S5 yourself. One of the key components of a ” Google Phone “, which is not the manufacturer Samsung, – Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801. Should be clarified that the smartphone is also available in a version with a processor Samsung Exynos 5 Octa.

The most expensive component – the display unit ( $63). In the $33 cost of flash memory and RAM production Samsung. Fingerprint scanner Galaxy S5 valued at $ 4 . Similar component in the iPhone 5s, according to analysts , costs Apple $15 . Heart rate monitor in the Korean smartphone worth $1.45 .


Inside the Galaxy S5 revealed several components without marking , including the camera module . Most likely, they also release Samsung. Among the important components that a vendor buys on the side, we can mention the chip Bluetooth and Wi-Fi production Broadcom, as well as power controller manufacturing Maxim.

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