Samsung Galaxy S5 proved popular than Galaxy S4


Galaxy S5 conceptLast Friday, 125 countries officially started selling Samsung Galaxy S5, and formed Apple unspoken tradition , the Korean division site ZDNet set about to evaluate the results of the “first weekend ” in terms of sales volumes.

Compared with the debut of Galaxy S4, new Samsung phone in the early days was sold at 30-100 % more active , depending on the country , say the authors of the resource. It is argued that the figures could be even higher , but quickly sold machines and retailers could not fully meet the demand .

In some outlets even had queues – they numbered several hundred people. Many stores Galaxy S5 stocks were sold out in a few hours . At the weekend in Seoul just explained that the expense and sold prebooked Galaxy S5 is in the millions , but did not go into the details of steel. Perhaps , the official statistics will be announced today.

Number of countries in which will be sold Galaxy S5, soon to increase to 150 pieces . In Samsung note that users like about this smartphone large high-resolution display , protection from water and dust as well as high-quality camera .


Predecessor in the face of Galaxy S4 took a month to disperse circulation of 10 million copies. Galaxy S3 passed through this line for 50 days , and his predecessor went to him for about five months .

Estimating sales trends should not forget that the gadget synchronously entered the stores at once 150 countries , so the first game was pretty big . The Galaxy S5 to outdo predecessors and competitors will be judged in the first month of sales.

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