Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s: design, display, applications, features


A7Every year Apple launches new flagship smartphone . South Korea’s Samsung is trying to keep up with competitors and offer consumers a top version of its mobile device. And although companies produce gadgets at different times, they still inevitably , compare . We all know that the two corporations rigidly compete among themselves, trying to take the upper hand as a conventional ( such as technological innovation ) and non-conventional ( such as lawsuits ) methods.

With the announcement of the new flagship of the struggle between Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s. As commentators argue TechSmartt, compare both the gadget video easy to pick a winner – both of these devices in their own good and for the benefit of each of them easy to pick arguments.

Samsung Galaxy S5 more functional compared to the previous model . Among the main advantages of a novelty – built heart rate transmitter , the new regime the maximum energy savings , the possibility of simultaneous loading of data through Wi-Fi and LTE, with body moisture and dust protection , fingerprint scanner, 16 – megapixel camera with fast autofocus and improved HDR shooting mode . Gadget heavily congested delights hardware and software “chips” , not all of which are useful , convenient or simply functional.

On the other hand , iPhone 5s, equipped with a powerful processor with A7 co-processor movements , operating system, iOS 7 and dressed in a stylish aluminum body, is seen by many as a benchmark of quality . Compact luxury unit from Apple proves that not all decide dimensions . Despite the modest size of the screen , iPhone 5s demonstrates record sales .

Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s differ almost everything: size, design, housing material , the user interface. However, each of the smartphones have at least one category in which they unconditionally lead : in S5 is a large 5 -inch display , while the iPhone 5s – solid aluminum sheath .

More compared to the video design, interface , software , display, camera and iPhone 5s Galaxy S5:

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