Since yesterday, Samsung announced that it will unveil on March 1 at MWC 2015 in Barcelona its new Galaxy S6 smartphone. This is an exclusive leak that shows that the Galaxy smartphone could appear in 4 different colors. Also shows a mockup of what it might have with the curved contour on the invitation card up.

Although already it is clear that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy on March 1, S6, there is no precise information about its specifications and design. SamMobile but have now leaked inside information, stating that the unit in 4 different colors to appear, ie dark blue, green, blue, gold and white. The former color is reminiscent of the elegant Blue Galaxy A-series and so could point to the already rumored metal housing. Gold and white is also known from the previous Galaxy S5. Completely new is Green Blue. From the article it clear however is not sure whether the informant has only mentioned the names or their exact values. In the former case, the colors would be understood only as approximations down by SamMobile.

It is also not clear what could have it with the form on Samsung Invite up. Nearby were suspicions that this. The contour of a putative Galaxy S Edge Performer Members of the South Korean Seeko forum have been inspired by the presentation and creating a graph showing the rest of the device along the contour.

The mockup takes significant bonds on the Galaxy Note Edge and acts somewhat bulkier than the new Galaxy A models with its elegant chamfers. Overall, the model fits but really well with the contours shown.

Finally, a patent had emerged which showed a smartphone with a display that bends around the edge up to the back. But the technology still seems to be far from the mark of maturity, which is why the Galaxy S Edge should rather be oriented to the shape of the Galaxy Note Edge.

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