The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is futuristic with its rounded edges, but also fragile – you could at least think. In a recently emerged Video’s new flagship smartphone will be smashed to the ground, without suffering damage. It is unclear to what extent this is a meaningful indication of the robustness of the S6 Edge. Also emerged is an authentic looking video in which the phone is immersed for 20 minutes under water.

Now the YouTuber Techsmartt has also published a crash test, which is already a lot more meaningful. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is also active remarkably stable, then pulls but finally in the fight against the worst of asphalt.

Drop tests or good German crash tests are carried out at almost all newly released smartphones and provide for many a viewer discomfort. No wonder if a more than $500 is  expensive device is left intentionally fall to the ground, uncomprehending shaking of heads is an understandable reaction. In a currently circulating on the internet video of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge torture but brought to the next level: Instead of simply let the outrageously expensive smartphone just noticed it is equal smashed several times with full force on the ground.


In most cases, you can rely on drop test videos that real smart phones lose their integrity in favor of science. What is the current video but so amazing is the fact that apparently no damage is seen after it hits the floor. Consist both front and rear glass, which some might lead to the adoption of plastic compared to the previous Galaxy smartphones, the new model is more fragile. There are quite a few theories about that about the smartphone has been replaced or it is a manipulated video with dummy and green screen.

Even if the video is authentic, this should not lead users to follow. The video was apparently shot in an office, as the S6 Edge behaves when falling on asphalt or other hard surfaces is therefore uncertain. Anyway, we are still skeptical about the robustness of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. But if it turns out that the new Samsung flagship is actually so tough, this would definitely be a seal of approval for the Corning Gorilla glass used next.

Not quite so without prejudice to the smartphone from the water test, it is clear that the YouTuber Techsmartt conducted. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is different than in the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not protected against water and dust to IP certification, but actually the smartphone suggests relatively good. After about 22 minutes under water it switches off though and needs some attempts before it starts again. Except for the broken camera, the device seems to have but the dive pretty good shape. When unexpected rain or accidentally dropping into the water, the device should have no problems accordingly.

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