Samsung Galaxy S6 possibly to have variant Edge with curved screen


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As far as Samsung is concerned, one of its terminal star today as far as specs are concerned is the Samsung Galaxy S5. As often happens mostly with the top end, there is enough rumor mill surrounding his possible successor, which in this case would be the Samsung Galaxy S6. The company Samsung has a serious challenge ahead considering it sold far fewer units of Samsung Galaxy S5 than they thought, so now we are working to redefine the concept of next top model family Samsung Galaxy S.

As I mentioned, there are many rumors circulating about what to do with the upcoming flagship Samsung, and indeed has emerged a new rumor. As pointed in the web of Android Authority, they can launch a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, ie what would be a variant of curved screen Samsung Galaxy S6. In particular, it could be along the lines of what already seen in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which appear as a variant of Samsung Galaxy Note phablet 4.

Of course all these are just rumors for now, but the fact is that there seems unreasonable since in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge have finally launch more units than originally announced, either by success or that are interested in strengthening the concept of curved screen. Another second fact that makes the rumor may have some overtones to become a reality, and it is mentioned in SamMobile, specializes in Samsung devices that do not usually make mistakes too often in web publishing.

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