With each passing day, it seems it is eating something fierce in the rumor mill surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6. An inconspicuous Report from South Korea could provide information about the built-in camera and the release date of the new high-end smartphones us now: How the Galaxy S6 obviously should have a 20 MP camera along with optical Image Stabilizer and come the end of March in the trade.

Production of 16 and 20 MP Camera-modules starts up

So is mentioned relatively casual in a report by the Korea Economic Times that analysts expect a good first quarter, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SME). This department within the Samsung Group is developing among other camera modules for smartphones and that is where the info is buried: Analysts expect a good Q1, as the production of expensive camera modules with 16 or 20 MP including optical image stabilizer is powering up, to cover increased demand in the first half of 2015. That alone would not be too big news, if it had not been explicitly mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S6 in this context. According to analysts, this “two to three weeks earlier than initially thought to be published” should.

Substituting gathered together the different parts of this information puzzles, the Samsung Galaxy S6 with 20 MP camera along with optical Image Stabilizer will have and will be published approximately two to three weeks earlier than the struggling Prime smartphone initially planned. That it is the 20 MP camera module, is obvious: First, the Galaxy S5 (test) already has a 16 MP camera on board, which is why Samsung in terms of advertising technically good marketable megapixel count up a gear must put on it. In addition, there were in the past rumors that the Galaxy Note would be 4 equipped with a 20 MP camera module. These have become known not to be true, since Samsung in its success phablet a camera sensor from Sony built, but maybe now is the  Galaxy S6 with 20 MP camera clippers from own production used.


Samsung Galaxy S6 already on the market a few weeks after conception?

A few days ago the rounds on March 2 as a possible conception date for the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the rumor mill. If the analyst to which the Korea Economic Times cites, keep right and the new Samsung flagship will be published actually two to three weeks earlier than originally planned, the official sale of the Galaxy S6 could already begin very soon after the introduction of the device – may still be in March and the end of the month, with one in statements to the release and should always be a little careful. Interestingly, the report also fits the leak, served us yesterday and supposedly has the full technical specifications of the Galaxy S6: Even with BGR was a 20 MP camera along with optical Image Stabilizer.[via PhoneArena]

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