Samsung Galaxy S6 wins blind camera test against the iPhone 6



Samsung Galaxy S6 camera is currently regarded by many as the reference in the Android sector. Even ahead of the competition from Apple in the form of the iPhone 6, the Samsung smartphone in this regard must not hide but. In a camera-blind test of colleagues from PhoneArena decided in almost all the assessed Compare photos, a clear majority of the readers for the results obtained from the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Camera-blind tests are a formidable means to judge without prejudice to the image quality of two smartphones – especially when it comes to polarizing models like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. While here quickly lead usually positive and negative feelings for one or the other brand into an emotional judgment, was not mentioned in the blind test of the colleagues of PhoneArena the device being used. Instead, the user received a series of photos taken in succession from the same motive, and had, without knowing choose which photo from the iPhone 6 and which was shot by Galaxy S6 that between successful result.

About result of the vote there is not much to say, because this wins the flagship of Samsung effortlessly: The Samsung Galaxy S6 received a total of 27,063 votes, while the iPhone 6 received only 3,033. For each photo succeeded Samsung Galaxy S6 to win almost always more than 90 percent of those voting for themselves. Not only do the results thanks to the 16 MP camera are much sharper with optical image stabilization as the 6 shot from 8 MP camera of the iPhone photos. Especially in adverse lighting conditions makes the Galaxy S6 better figure and captures details that escape the camera of the iPhone 6. Although the photos of the iPhone are not to designate 6 as not good, the Samsung Galaxy S6 conducted blind test therefore demonstrates that the South Koreans have done everything right in the camera of the new flagship.(source Phone Arena)

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