Samsung Galaxy S7 costs $225 to manufacture



The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been involved in much excitement, how could it be less than a device that is undoubtedly the flagship of those using Android operating system. The high price of the device has not contraindicated sales appear to be a success globally. Despite a highly conservative design used on the previous model, Samsung has proven once again that is in the path of the track as far as manufacturing is concerned. However, often we like to know more about the costs and benefits, we tell how much it really costs to make the Samsung Galaxy S7.

As you know, the device is selling for example in the US at $670, meanwhile, will surprise you to know that Samsung will cost “only” $255 to manufacture each of the devices. Easily we could believe that Samsung beats each device for $415, but the reality is quite different, and we have not included in these expenses R & D, transportation, salaries for business, advertising or taxes . However, the figure is still surprising at first glance, like everything surrounding a high-end device like this.

Main components price broken down:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820: $62
  • Camera: $13.80
  • Assemble each device: $5

These are just some of the components that IHS unveiled on price, however the benefits are never not be total, there are many aspects that will determine the ultimate benefit will be far from of $415, but not less than $100 without a doubt. It’s good to know how much it actually costs the device and how much they charge us finally, the production of these phones is too broad to reduce it to a ridiculous price.

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