Samsung Galaxy S7 has 3D Touch like the iPhone 6s



Apple has some type of technology that thereupon including its direct rival, the Samsung Galaxy S . As years passed with unlocking by footprint, where Samsung showed its precipitation in the copy, bringing out a fingerprint reader quite incomplete and ineffective, he has been refined to the Galaxy S6. Now according to the latest report from The Wall Sreet Journal screens Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will bring a system equipped with pressure sensitivity like 3D Touch found in the iPhone 6s  Plus 6s and 6s.

Once again a display of creativity of the Korean company. The first hurdle to be overcome is Android, which comes standard not configured to support the capabilities of 3D Touch, we assume must implement these functions in its TouchWiz layer which in itself is quite heavy. We will have to lay eyes on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy, we are not at all surprised that the implementation of the system will remain as irregular as happened with the fingerprint reader Samsung Galaxy S5 that caused the despair of many users for its manifest ineffectiveness.

Further information is included in this report, such has been confirmed “Edge” variant of this new version of Samsung Galaxy S since its launch, and a camera optimized to work in low light, the downside of most mobile cameras. Finally is optimized rapid charging and future world standard connections, the USB-C is included. Samsung plans to present the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge during the Mobile World Congress 2016. This revives rumors that the iPhone 6c will be launched around the same time in order to compete with the upcoming Samsung smartphone. [Via Wall Street Journal]

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