The Galaxy S7 has been presented in Barcelona at the MWC 2016. Samsung has chosen this year to keep most details of design that brought them so much satisfaction in 2015 but with some very positive changes. The S7 is a smartphone that manages to combine, as never before in the history of Samsung, exceptional design with a great user experience. The S7 is, in principle, an improved S6 and very focused on users.

✓ Ergonomics
✓Resistance to water and dust
✓Micro SD
✓outstanding camera
✕TouchWiz has barely changed

For the s7 edge


✓MicroSD up to 200 GB
✓compact design despite its 5.5 inches
✓outstanding camera
✓Edge improved menu
✓Increased in 1000 mAh battery

Little change in TouchWiz

Samsung Galaxy S7 /  Galaxy S7 Edge  – Availability and Pricing

The Galaxy S7 has been presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next to the new Galaxy S7 Edge. The smartphone will be available starting March 11 in Gold Platinum, White, Black Onyx and Silver Titanium, though availability will vary by country. Its price unconfirmed could start around $780 for the 32 GB, $880 for the Galaxy s7 Edge model  and will be available in two versions of 32GB and 64GB, both expandable via microSD up to 200GB. Pre-orders will be open starting February 23. The company also announced that every pre-order of S7 and S7 Edge will get $99-worth Gear VR headset for free. The date is yet to be confirmed.


In United States, the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a two year contract plan will be $27.09 / month on Sprint, $23.17 /month on AT&T, $27.91 / month on T-Mobile  and $31.25 per month on Sprint, $26.50 per month on AT&T, and $32.50 per month on T-Mobile, for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 /  Galaxy S7 Edge – Design

The Galaxy S7 brings little change in the design with respect to its predecessor S6. This is a priori, because if we go see some differences that do not go unnoticed. The terminal retains its size of 5.1-inch and is made of aluminum at the edges and Gorilla Glass 4 on the back and front. The metallic finish under the glass is quite spectacular, and do not know how, but manages to look much more premium than the S6 also switches between silver and gold tones as the light hits him.

The Galaxy S7 has a few changes, beginning with the back where the edges are curved toward the frame style to Note 5, enormously improving grip and ergonomics. This, together with the 5.1 inches and its curved corners, make it one of the most comfortable and manageable smartphones. In the briefing we emphasized enough that both the S7 Edge and S7 use curves for comfort.

In the rear,  there is another change: the protrusion of the rear camera is just nonexistent and stays in a simple anecdote design. Now protrudes only 0.46 mm, 4 times less than in S6. The smartphone is completely flat on any surface and does not dance in no time. This also helps the whole S7 is much more homogeneous. We are facing a smartphone coherent front and back without protruding assembly details.

The new Galaxy S7 Edge size changed from 5.1 to 5.5 inches. Having a difference of 0.4 inches makes it a compact smartphone. The beauty of the S6 Edge is still intact in this model, something that enhanced finishes this time have a metallic luster, style S6 Edge +.The Galaxy S7 Edge is made of aluminum at the edges and covered with Gorilla Glass 4 at its front and back.


On the front are again light sensors, the front camera, speaker for calls, the home button and two capacitive buttons Samsung. The start button again staying fingerprint sensor. During the brief Samsung did not give us details on whether the button staying extra features, it looks like it works the same way as in Note 5 and the Galaxy S6. In other words, well but without much frills.

On the sides are just three buttons. The left side are the volume buttons and the right side switch. The difference is in the slot, which now houses a tray with a hole for a nano SIM card and another for a microSD.

The bottom remains the same. We find here the speaker, microUSB port (finally Samsung has not released the type C, we assume that the problems that are bringing) and the mini jack for headphones. The Galaxy S7 is waterproof IP68 certified. Again one of those details that seek to please a user that 2015 was left somewhat neglected in favor of design.

Note that you see in the picture below under the new S7 S7 Edge, with its 5.5-inch, there is little difference in size. The Galaxy S7 has gained some thick, pretty negligible. But as Nacho Nieto, chief technology Samsung Spain, it was necessary if we wanted a larger battery, microSD slot and the disappearance of the boss chamber.

The Galaxy S7 improvement only three details the design of the S6 and this very simple way manages to convey that this is a totally new smartphone. It is a piece that attracts all the looks, elegance and simplicity that few manufacturers can boast (perhaps only Sony comes close to this). If you thought the design was unbeatable S6 were wrong, the S7 is easily improved and at the same time master.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Display

The Galaxy S7 brings a 5.1-inch screen with QHD resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels. Its density is above 570 ppi, a beast. .

The Galaxy S7 has one of the brightest screens in the world of Android smartphones, sometimes too much, but this is adjustable. There is also a great representation of color, with bright colors and blacker blacks. Some people complain about the warm colors of the AMOLED from Samsung, that are not real. I personally prefer the smartphone screen showing me warm colors, it will be that living in Berlin’m a little tired of seeing the gray.

Neither the S7 and S7 Edge bring 3D Force Touch Touch or iPhone as 6s or Huawei Mate S. Samsung has not included anything like it in this smartphone. We will have to wait for an extensive analysis to see how the screen unfolds in adverse light conditions, since the event took place in a closed room. At the moment I can assure you that the screen is at least as good as that of the S6 Edge + or Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Features

The Galaxy S7 brings some extra features but no frills. We are facing a smarthpone finally stopped include unnecessary issues to focus on what really useful.

Always ON

Samsung has included in this terminal Always On. Thanks to this we can set various options for displaying on the display 24 hours without touching it to be turned on. Always ON can show us the calendar, clock, or notifications, and more. This function does not affect the battery, or at least not significantly, since only certain pixels are lit during this process and the rest are off, as we know already the case in OLED displays.

Resistance to dust and water IP 68

It was rumored that would IP67 but no, Samsung has gone all out and brings a IP 68. After missing in the Galaxy S6, S7 has managed to pass this certification will allow us to immerse the smartphone up to 1 meter and a half of water for 30 minutes. It is also resistant to dust. In the event we did not get to test this function but I will comment on how well it works the smartphone underwater in the final analysis, when we receive the phone.

Fingerprint scanner

The Galaxy S7 brings fingerprint scanner seen in S6. Its extra features are closely linked to Samsung Pay. The scanner is worth us to pay in stores and increase the security of our transactions, as well as to lock the phone.

Samsung continues to insist on some of your options for a lifetime. In the Galaxy S7 S-Helth not necessary or heart rate sensor, which is in the same location by the LED flash. Again also we find a infrared port, NFC, and almost any use imaginable in a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Software

The new Galaxy S7 comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and TouchWiz basically identical to the S6 Edge + and the Note 5. We are at the slightest history TouchWiz. The new interface has to do with adapting to Marshmallow but no major developments in design. We will test these options more extensively in the final analysis.

As for pre-installed applications, if my eyes do not deceive me,  Comes included with 7 Samsung applications, 5 Microsoft, apps for Google, Facebook and WhatsApp (Samsung and Zuckerberg doing business?) . Ultimately we find about 25 preinstalled applications quite useful. When we have the terminal for a thorough analysis bloatware we see if it really is so little as it seems at first glance.

Game Launcher

One of the great innovations of the Galaxy S7 Game Launcher is a center where we can keep all our games and curious features added during the game. In the briefing we emphasized enough in this feature. Every time we play a game will have available a menu from which you can interact with the game: make screenshot, record video, including share or share our face.

In addition, the Galaxy S7 includes a game mode where we can turn off notifications in the smartphone and even tell we want to focus all its power in the game, paralyzing the other tasks of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge- Camera

The camera has a sensor with f / 1.7 12 megapixel (less than the S6) but with the dual-pixel technology. The two S7 are the first smartphones to include this technology, typical of reflex cameras.

Dual pixel means that for every pixel found two photodiodes sensitive to light and working in focus. This results in 24 million photodiodes working in focus. The focus speed is 4 times faster in low-light conditions and twice as fast as the light is good that in the S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Performance

The Galaxy S7 we tested came with the Exynos 8890 that, in principle, will be to see in Europe. This processor has 8 cores, four of them at a maximum speed of 2.3 GHz and four 1.6 GHz. All this is spiced up with 4GB of RAM. The Galaxy S7 takes “pipes” and water inside for cooling. That Koreans said.
At the briefing they told us that we have a 30% CPU and GPU 64% more powerful than the S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Battery

The Galaxy S7 up your battery from 2550 mAh to 3000 mAh. Nacho Nieto, chief technology officer of Samsung Spain, told us that this has been thanks to a new molding technology batteries, since the terminal has not increased in size and has also curved edges inward at the rear.

The Galaxy S7 takes a malleable own battery manufacturing technology with which it has been able to increase capacity with the new smartphone. The S7 brings quick charge and get up to 100% in 90 minutes. This time up to 120 minutes if you use the wireless charger.

The 3000 mAh of Galaxy S7 Android optimization Marshmallow with Doze and Exynos 8890 could eventually make the S7 reaches the battery nearly two days with normal use. But these are just guesses, when we have more time terminal will make a thorough review about it.

Samsung has included in s7 edge a battery of 3600 mAh in less than the S6 Edge + that was in 3000 mAh body. When compared with the first S6 Edge we are talking about more than 1000 mAh battery. How they have succeeded? Nacho Nieto told us that Samsung is using a new technology of malleable self-made batteries, thus being able to take advantage of gaps in the terminal. It is clear that being so, there is an urgent need for a removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Audio

The Galaxy S7 brings the same speaker that already included the S6 Edge +, S6 improved compared to 2015. Again in our test could not see what that sound Rihanna’s new album through the speaker or headphones, so we have to waiting for the final analysis.

The camera interface in S7, similar to S6.

This means that the S7 focuses up to four times faster in low-light conditions and twice as fast when we have good light the S6. The S7 also promises to take spectacular pictures when the light does not favor us. During the briefing we were shown a S6 and S7 focusing an image in the dark, while the S6 took a few microseconds, the S7 focused instantly, even before our eyes. It was quite impressive. We will have to try your camera extensively to confirm my suspicions, but it seems that we could be facing the best camera on a smartphone to date.
S7 camera, according to Samsung, it offers pictures 95% brighter and captures 56% more light than the S6.

The front camera has an aperture of f / 1.7 5 megapixels. As for the camera interface no big news regarding the S6, again have the options provided videos in 4K, fast motion, slow motion … we analyze your video and photo capabilities in our final analysis.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Housing

The Galaxy Camera S7 is promising and impressive, or at least in our first approach. Samsung has come down from 16MP to 12MP but not to worry. The new sensor has an aperture of f / 1.7 and stabilizer. In addition, we have a dual-pixel technology found only in reflex cameras and no smartphone has included so far.

This means that each pixel sensor includes two photodiodes, all photodiodes of the array to focus function. That is, 24 million photodiodes focus on focus. To make you an idea, only 120,000 photodiodes focused on camera and S6 and gave outstanding results.

Samsung Galaxy S7/ s7 Edge – Specifications

To be honest, before arriving at the event thought the S7 not surprise me because I was going to remember much to S6. Nothing is further from reality. This terminal has surprised me and left me in awe at the way the Korean has managed to combine design and usability. Having gotten a smartphone body also has a soul.

The Galaxy S7 involves squaring the circle for Samsung. We are facing a smartphone without weakness, with a camera, spectacular design and performance. In addition, this time, Samsung has heard the user and improved aspects we all wanted to see in their new Galaxy: larger battery, ergonomics, water resistance, microSD …

It it impossible to fault the new Galaxy in the first analysis. It is a smartphone without weaknesses.Ultimately, the S7 S6 is brought to perfection, a complete smartphone and do not lack anything, a terminal without weaknesses. And it seems to me impossible, a priori, to find one sticks to the S7 beyond the null evolution of TouchWiz.

Samsung has finally, in 2016, came up with the perfect smartphone. And what worries me now is: how will they get through this in the S8?


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