For weeks or perhaps months, different photos and specification tables of the new Samsung smartphone has been floating around the web: Samsung Galaxy S8. This device is said to be unveiled in April this year, making it just outside the MWC 2017. Currently there are new images again leaked out through a case maker. This picture confirms the design of the previous photos.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will as said to be the flagship of the Korean company in the first half of 2017. Reportedly gets this phone quite a different design than its predecessors: the Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) and Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge). Recently, pictures appeared of a case maker named Oxilar that the design of the rumors until now merges into a phone. This design what we see may well be the final design of the S8. If there is an Edge variant alongside the S8 is at time of writing yet known.



If we believe leaked images, the Korean company will have the typical Home button omitted. Instead, we can expect buttons on the display itself, as we see, for example, the pixel Google and LG G5. There are two pictures that have one a dark jacket. This is very little to see, on the front of the device after. It becomes interesting when we look at the picture with the transparent cover. To this, we can see that the device gets a back that looks like that of the Galaxy Note S7 and 7.

At the front of the unit will be at the top of a speaker and a camera with two different sensors. What these sensors are exactly is not known yet, but it could indicate a light sensor and a notification light. If we look at the bottom of the front side, we can see that as we have seen. The only thing we see at the bottom is the logo of the company, which previously stood on the top of the unit. In previous pictures of covers of the upcoming flagship Samsung has already spotted a headphone jack. So chances are that the Galaxy S8 will actually get a headphone jack, something we do not see, for example the iPhone 7.


To engage the inside of the device we will have to look more into the rumors. This means that the Galaxy S8 gets a bigger screen than its hanger. In fact, reportedly the S8 will have a larger screen than the Note 7. According to the latest rumors, namely the device gets a screen of up to 6 inches. Combined with a smaller bezel than its predecessor, the real size of the S8 will not care much with that of the Galaxy S7.


The release or presentation date is not yet known, but according to the latest rumors, this will not be at the MWC, which in late February in Barcalona will take place, but only in April, the week of April 17, to be exact. Furthermore, prices are not yet known, but they will likely match that of the Galaxy Note 7,  S7.

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