Samsung galaxy s8

Samsung galaxy s8

The Galaxy S8 launch date is scheduled within the framework of the Mobile World Congress to be held at the end of February next year, more and more rumors related to this phone are being published and practically confirmed. One of the strongest has taken in recent days has to do with the elimination of the headphone jack of the S8, following the fashion of some manufacturers of Android, who had deleted it before the launch of the iPhone 7, everything must be said .

Before the iPhone will officially appear, both Motorola and Oppo had released several smartphones where the 3.5 mm jack had completely disappeared, although it seems that Apple has really innovated in this regard. In this way we can not say, although it can, that Samsung again copied Apple in this regard. This information has been published in SamMobile, a web specialized in the Korean firm smartphones, so it makes a lot of sense and probability of being true.

Other new features that seem to come from the hand of the Galaxy S8 is the integration of the Home button inside the screen, so that the signature could expand the size of the screen without the limitation of the classic physical button, Apple with iPhone. In addition it would also make use of the USB-C connection, a requirement for all the phone companies that launch new devices to the market.

But what will most attract attention will be the integration of Viv assistant, created by the former employees who designed Siri, but who seeing the role that Apple was giving to him within the mobile operating system had to leave the company and create a much better assistant than Siri , Where the integration with the system and the applications is total.

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