galaxy s8

galaxy s8

Benchmark scores comparison is one of the ways to be able to put smart phones opposite each other. Although specifications on paper can be very impressive, it eventually comes to how the device is doing in daily life. Recently a published video online in which the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be tested by the crew of AnTuTu benchmark site and the score result will be 205 284.

This AnTuTu score Samsung takes over first place from Apple. The unit with the highest score was for the appearance of the video Apple’s iPhone seventh with a score of 181 807. If we only look at Android devices Snapdragon 821 OnePlus 3T was the top-scoring unit with 162 423 points.

The difference between the Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 3T is quite large. One reason could be the more powerful processor of the S8. The new Samsung flagship will in all probability or a Snapdragon 835, or its own Exynos 8895 chipset. According to reports, US users would get the Snapdragon and users in Europe, the Exynos processor.

We see the Samsung Galaxy S8 crop up more in all kinds of messages and photos. One of the latest design rumors that the device will be available in purple. Earlier reports stated that the unit would only appear in the colors blue, gray, black and silver. The news about the Purple Galaxy S8 comes through @kksneaksleaks. The tipster even showed pictures of the purple phone as evidence. Things get further relates to the appearance, this seems consistent with previous rumors and renders.

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