Nowadays phones are already intelligent, hence the nickname of “smartphones”. But they promise to be even more so thanks to artificial intelligence, an element that is being distinctive between different manufacturers. Sundar Pichai already predicted it in the presentation of the Google Pixel, and we are confirming it since then. Intelligent management of the Huawei Mate 9, HTC Sense Companion in the New HTC U or Bixby, the future personal assistant of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung is putting special emphasis on the software layer that will bring its next top smartphones. We have already anticipated some of its features, but it is nothing compared to the latest rumors: Bixby will be able to identify objects for visual searches or text scanning.

AmMobile is the exclusive provider of the most eye-catching features of Bixby, the future personal assistant of the Samsung Galaxy S8. This promises an autonomous behavior when interacting with the owner with his pending tasks, searches or recommendations, but will also be able to recognize the terrain and identify any object that focuses the camera of the mobile.

Bixby promises recognition and action accordingly. The Samsung Galaxy Note already offered OCR services thanks to the camera, but Bixby would go several more steps thanks to its artificial intelligence. In fact, you will even have your own button on the camera application so that we can wake the attendant with a touch by sending it whatever we focus on.

According to SamMobile the personal assistant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be connected to the rest of the native applications of the mobile, so we could perform recognition actions with the camera interacting with the rest of apps. For example, Bixby would be able to recognize objects, find them in a search for stores and, directly, buy them.

According to these sources, the wizard should be directly integrated into the application in charge of taking pictures and videos, in the form of a button. Through it, the user would be able to obtain information about any product.

To do this, it would simply have to tap this button and to direct the phone towards a chosen object. Bixby would then be able to analyze the image and start a search.

(Source: SamMobile)

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