Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Has The Best Smartphone Camera, DxOMark Says



There are two important awards for the new Samsung Galaxy S9, considered the best smartphone for the quality of the display and camera respectively by two institutions such as DisplayMate and DxOMark.


Hours after a publication of Consumer Reports that defined the iPhone X camera the best among smartphones on the market (but the test was not included in the Galaxy S9), DxOMark praises instead the new smartphone Samsung.


Thanks to the new sensor, a diaphragm that changes at the hardware level and the secondary telephoto lens, the Galaxy S9 + has received a record score of 99.


As for the photographic sector, the Galaxy S9 Plus scored 104, thanks above all to excellent noise control and color definition. Some minor flaws regarding the slightly unstable exposure and the purple fringing. On the other hand, the video sector scored 91, thanks to the excellent optical stabilizer and noise control. Regarding the videos, DxOMark has found some flaws in the loss of details during the shoot.


The score of 99 is the highest ever given by DxOMark to a smartphone, with a point more than the Google Pixel 2 which passes in second place. The iPhone X reaches 97 points and now places third in total and in second place for the photos (101 points). For video, however, the iPhone X reaches 89 points.

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