An govt from Samsung Cellular has an interview with a Korean newspaper suggested that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 per ticket can be in order that they iPad 2 Apple to proceed to assault. As well as, the CEO is anxious concerning the thickness of the iPad 2 which might be remarkably skinny when put next with Samsung's merchandise. 


Manufacturer Samsung does not seem to be enamored of the new Apple iPad 2. The Korean is located at the mouth of Don-Joo Lee, VP of Samsung Mobile, worried about the price and specification of the tablet from Apple. According to Don Joo, Apple is below the price of its competitors are left, as the price for the Galaxy Tab series, allowing manufacturers to think carefully how to include negative prices to adjust. The Korean is therefore the prices of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 may revise such head-to-head to continue the iPad 2. To this end, Samsung least 150 million of the tablet to skim. 

The thicknes
s of the tablet from Apple reveals new Samsung concerns. The producer was not assumed that the Apple tablet could be made thinner and therefore believe that their tablets are to be partially redesigned. "We have to redesign parts, where applicable, the tablet competitive," said Don Joo. "Apple's tablet is able to produce thin," added the CEO, "we can respond to this." 

Samsung has no official price announced its new Galaxy Tab 10.1. The producer plans to offer more expensive than the Galaxy to Tab.

Samsung said in a statement indicated that the interview with the CEO of Mobile, translated by media is wrong. The CEO shall, where appropriate, future products from Samsung if an update should be given to counterbalance the iPad 2, said the Korean.

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