Ultimate week there seemed experiences that Samsung now  2 million pills of Galaxy Tab offered. This quantity proves to be fallacious as a result of Samsung has in counting the two million offered, the unsold copies Tabs incorporated. The real quantity is in this case significantly decrease and Samsung talks about "somewhat small" however would no longer reveal how a lot Tabs ultimately bought. In contemporary months, there was once an motion , a Money Again buy of Galaxy Tab after making your buy of Samsung  will return after buying a Galaxy Tab. You shouldn’t have analyst why Samsung has taken such motion.


The error came to light from Samsung during the presentation of the quarterly figures last Friday.Samsung admitted that two million Galaxy Tabs are shipped to retailers and telecom providers since its launch in September 2010 but that much has not been sold.

Yesterday there were also reports that Android tablets by selling 2 million Galaxy Tabs have managed to conquer a market share of 22%. The iPad Apple's market share would thus drop from 95% to 75%. By mistake from Samsung we can now add 20% to 95% because it will stay.

The Galaxy Tab would be a major competitor of the iPad will be but the first reviews have revealed that the tab is not. Investigations revealed recently that 85% of consumers choose for iPad and 15% for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Soon appear new Android tablets on the market with an operating system that is specifically designed for a tablet and not with existing software for an Android smartphone pimped. These tablets can enter the competition again with the iPad and Tab is on sale soon, we fear.

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