Apple's lawsuit against Samsung shows documents in which you can read how Samsung tried to make the Galaxy S1 be more iPhone-like. The documents show how Samsung approached various aspects of the iPhone with the phone Galaxy phone and what the company should do to in order to improve their smartphones. In many cases, Samsung claims in the document that they should try to pursue certain aspects of the iPhone.

The 132-pages document dated 2010 was shown as evidence in the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. The screenshots in the paper shows how various features and iOS Apple apps are compared with similar Samsung Galaxy features and apps. There are lots of examples in the document beyond: including the initial screen, the Notes app, input in apps, loading screens in the App Store and the way in which search fields are treated. Down the page is how the interface could be improved, often with Samsung Apple's direction on trying to go. For example, Samsung says that the appointments field in the Calendar app is to be
larger, because this is also the case with the iPhone.

The leaked documents indicate that Samsung design their interface for Android smartphones often has looked up to Apple. Whether this must only show points to patent infringement: Samsung stated in the lawsuits that the designs viewed are not patent worthy.

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung is regulated in the spotlight this week. On Monday night, witnesses tried to explain that the similarities between the products of Apple and Samsung, caused confusion, but here were still some differences noted.

The documents can be viewed at AllThingsD.

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