Gear-VR-S6 (1)

Gear-VR-S6 (1)

The South Korean company Samsung will continue to pursue its VR Gear Innovator Edition , a virtual reality headset with the launch of an improved and adapted to the newly released Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge version. Under the name of Samsung Innovator Gear VR Edition is intended to do much more accessible this virtual experienca not only reducing the size of the device, but also embutiéndole greater connectivity. Once again the American company Oculus VR returns to collaborate in the creation of this new version of Gear VR and, therefore, leaving his disposal all the content present in the store Oculus Store.

This new Samsung Innovator Gear VR Edition has three sensors in the form of an accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor in conjunction with the Super AMOLED screens of the new Samsung Galaxy allow you to enjoy a more realistic, sharper than ever experience. As we said the device has been redesigned to make it suitable for the new terminal of signature, and for that the Gear VR Innovator Edition is now 15% smaller, with mechanical ventilation and a better balance weight to tire less time to be using. As you know, this device offers two independent optical where to put the proper terminal screen we create a peripheral and more realistic vision of the displayed content.


Another of his new feature is the inclusion of a microUSB port to connect to the new Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, terminals that can be loaded in these circumstances. As you can see its dimensions are now more compact, since this revision Shoes 196 × 107.9 × 82.9mm.


Currently, there is no no prices yet for the Gear VR Innovator Edition nor an approximate departure, which must await future technology to have a peripheral details that will no longer be renewed only limited to the Galaxy Note 4.

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