Samsung hired Internet users to curse those competitors’ products. Typically, the money paid for the positive feedback about gadgets or the activities of a company. In Seoul went ahead and decided to buy the bad. Of course not about himself but about competitors.

Fair Trade Commission is investigating a complaint with the local Taiwanese company HTC, which accuses Samsung of using banned techniques. HMRC argues that the South Korean company paid money for negative comments about her phones. This mission was entrusted Samsung students who never refuse to pay. This time, they had to write for the money, of course, on what the bad smartphones released HTC. Naturally, Samsung phones users praised to the skies.

For example, students are supposed curse forever breakable HTC One X and, by contrast, praised Samsung Galaxy Note versus HTC Sensation XL. It was also alleged that the Galaxy S III in testing benchmarks exceed the HTC One X on the video graphic performance and autonomy.


Samsung pleaded responsible and claimed that this misunderstanding is opposite to industry ethics of the corporate. For trying to harass competitor with unfair merchandising. Samsung is also fined as much as 25 million Taiwan greenbacks ($780,000).

Samsung assurances that unfair promotion opposite to its “elementary ideas” in Taiwan does now not imagine. In truth that this penalty, until, in fact, it’ll be imposed on the Korean enterprise, will probably be her this 12 months on the island for the 2nd. Prior to now, Taiwan’s antitrust company fined for deceptive merchandising Samsung digital camera telephones in its Galaxy Y Duo.

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