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iphone5 GalaxyS5In February , the exhibition Mobile World Congress , Samsung held a presentation of new products Samsung Unpacked. Premiere of the evening was the main flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 fifth generation.

Galaxy S5, the main flagship Android- and a global competitor iPhone 5s, expected buyers and experts with a special look . Amid growing user requests the unit is heavily risked disappointing lack of breakthroughs and innovations. Smartphones, reputedly ran into a ceiling of Technology : further progress will be noticeable or even ( continue to increase the screen resolution can be , but the human eye will not notice the difference ) , or do not play a big role ( new processors with real user experience is almost not correlated ) . And if budget models have room to grow , the flagship cease fundamentally different from previous reincarnations , and the number of processor cores and gigabytes of RAM is no longer attract new users.

By Galaxy S5 specific problem relates to the fullest. Part smartphone features are the same as a year ago had a model S4: 2 GB of RAM , screen resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Within the scope of non-volatile memory and does a step back : the new flagship of the 64- gigabyte no variation, only available versions 16GB and 32GB. Processor become more productive Snapdragon 801 , but it is unlikely that consumers will be an important advantage , and let the tests show the growth performance.

The camera is now 16 – megapixel , but it does not mean better images . Even diagonal steadily to “expand ” each year has remained virtually unchanged : this year the screen ” grown up” only a tenth of an inch ( 5 to 5.1 ) . Why ruler Asked trends in the ecosystem Android, was not a breakthrough ? Informed sources BusinessKorea claim that Samsung took the time with the release of the model. And the main point of reference for the Koreans began to compete with iPhone 5s. Apple ‘s flagship phone showed unexpectedly high sales in Europe , which has long been ” considered territory Galaxy S».

“There are many reasons why the Galaxy S5 debut at this year’s MWC, but the main one – competition with iPhone 5s, – quotes BusinessKorea representative of Samsung. – I heard that our company needed to introduce a new version ahead of schedule , as iPhone 5s showed higher sales results in Europe, which has always been a strong series of Galaxy S “.

One of the main innovations of the Galaxy S5 is a fingerprint scanner built into the key Home. Another innovation was the pulse sensor , located next to the flash of the camera : it is proposed to use in conjunction with S-Health application from Samsung, doing fitness. The third fundamental difference – dust and water tight .

Will the return innovations Samsung sales growth ? This has to wonder . Although fingerprint scanners first appeared smartphones recently, in the public mind they are tightly associated with the iPhone 5s – Samsung and move perceived as hasty copying successful finds its main competitor . We wish to measure the pulse done it before – with special applications. There is no doubt that the Galaxy S5 disperse many millions of copies as its predecessor, but to win the stagnation of demand is unlikely to happen .

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