Galaxy s5

Galaxy s5

Samsung has just officially announced the new Galaxy S5 , top- range Android successor to the popular Galaxy S4 . For years, Samsung has accustomed us to the device faster and faster, performing, especially with very unique features . The design of the Galaxy S5 does not deviate much from its predecessor. The front panel of the new top- range Samsung offers a slightly larger display of the Galaxy S4 , while postponing a Amoled to 1080P .

Galaxy-S5-officialLeaked a few hours before the presentation – Samsung Galaxy S5 appeared encased in a plastic housing , which generally looks quite little different from its predecessor Galaxy S4. True new model is protected from dust and water within the industry standard IP67. In this connection , the port micro-USB 3.0 at the bottom of the housing is protected by a special cap to prevent ingress of liquid inside. Along the edges of the housing is a silver stripe. The rear side is made with a ribbed pattern.

Among the new features, includes a fingerprint reader , introduced for the first time in a smartphone by Apple with the iPhone 5S , and the new multitasking button that replaces the ” menu” . The materials of this new Galaxy are the same as its predecessor : a polycarbonate frame with a finish that makes it less ” plasticky ” . The back of the device has changed compared to the old S4 , with a rubbery soft-touch finish , Galaxy S5 has a feeling very similar to the original Nexus 7 by Google in 2012.

Galaxy-S5-officialDespite the similar design , the novelty has received a number of new features and functions . Galaxy S5, after the iPhone 5s, received a biometric sensor , integrated into the button Home. For initial setup biometric subsystem must repeatedly run your finger over the sensor to remember that papillary pattern . The scanner can be used to unlock the device and confirm electronic payments.

Galaxy S5 is equipped with the latest version of Android currently released by Google, the KitKat 4.4.2 , with the classic customizations including the well known TouchWiz and a wide range of applications made-in- Samsung .

Galaxy-S5-officialLet’s talk about brute force. Galaxy S5 is equipped with a quad-core processor at 2.5GHz , accompanied by 2GB of RAM and a bigger battery that can take us to the end of the day without any problems. The camera is compatible with 4K video from 16megapixel and capable of processing real-time photo using HDR technology . Galaxy S5 is equipped with the fastest autofocus ever seen in a smartphone : in just 0.3 seconds, the smartphone is able to focus and take the picture without any problems. Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone to integrate , under the camera , a sensor for measuring the pressure .

The killer application of this Galaxy S5 is definitely the fingerprint reader . As well as on the iPhone 5S , the fingerprint reader allows us to make our smartphones more secure as it can be used as a method of unlocking the display and confirmation of PayPal purchases and Play Store . Galaxy S5 will be available in 4 different colors : black, blue, white and gold.

With Galaxy S4 , Samsung has managed to create a complete device , fast but not perfect. S5 , the South Korean company wants to achieve perfection in all points of view . We can not wait to test it thoroughly in order to confirm ( or refute ) the words of Samsung during the presentation. The new top – range Samsung will be on sale starting in April at the same price of the Galaxy S4 .

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