Samsung introduced Smart Bike concept [Video]



Samsung has decided to find a place at the newly emerging market of “smart” bike. The company’s designers have developed a new model of Smart Bike, which is able to synchronize with smartphones, acting as navigator, as well as mirrors.

The bike is frame made out ​​of bent aluminum, which is designed to soften the vibration while driving. Over the rear wheel, there is a  built-in camera, and the frame itself is Wi-Fi modules , Bluetooth and Arduino corporate . All this feeds the removable battery. Data is transmitted on a trip straight to the smartphone, included in a special slot on the wheel. To the same image is displayed with a rear view camera.


There are four lasers mounted in the frame, to give the bike path a projection in front of the front wheel. Lost, and knock someone gets more complicated. They are included automatically by a signal number, decided that enough light for the trip, which is in the GPS module. Data about the trip, the development of the route appears on the screen connected to the Smart Bike smartphone.

The first working model of Samsung Smart Bike was demonstrated at the recent Milan Design Week. Korean manufacturer plans to release the bicycle, the price and release date has not yet been announced. [via Simon]

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