Samsung has introduced at MWC Barcelona a clone version of Apple Passbook. The word clone is not too strong since the Korean manufacturer did not merely copy the idea, but the interface and its icon …The name is itself identical to the payment service Google.

If so, there is a difference: the Samsung Wallet has a red ticket and more. Wallet is a new application that gathers, like Apple, all virtual tickets, coupons, membership cards. On the same principle as Passbook, the user can receive a notification to a specific place or at a given time, while the information contained in the application are updated automatically.

Third-party applications can add items without surprise and Samsung has signed agreements with several companies to launch. Strangely, Samsung has not benefited from these NFC chips in its devices to Wallet: it will always go through the barcode scanner by the merchant to pay or validate tickets.

It lacks the paper shredder …Meanwhile, Apple continues to increase the number of partnerships Passbook, but almost exclusively overseas. While the application is often empty, we can use it in a dozen stadiums for the 2013 MLB (baseball) season. [Via The Verge]

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