Prison drama between Samsung and Apple continues to make clear up to now unknown early prototypes of the iPhone and iPad. The last time we were able to look at the size of the old iPad iBook, and now at Apple released the old developments that were later used in the design of the iPhone 4. And what is most amusing – these achievements have been made in response to the question "What if the iPhone was inpired by Sony?".

the iPhone design is Recognizable around the world, in fact, there was not an original creation of the revolutionary Apple, a mere development of alien ideas. This thesis will be a key prosecution Samsung's upcoming next two electronic giants at next week's trial, reported AllThingsD.

Behind the logo is even Sony – except for one picture, where the joke was changed to Jony – apparently in honor of Apple's vice president of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive.

The history of these images is as follows. In 2006 (the year before the announcement of the first iPhone), former vice president of Apple Feydell Tony, who was responsible for creating iPhone, sent his colleagues an interview with the designer of the Sony. Designer Shin Nisibori, inspired by reading, drew iPhone-style Sony – for the sake of jokes and just exercise. However, another staff member – Richard Howarth suggested quince take this design into service, "the product looks much slimmer and has a nice shape," he wrote in the letter. Fun fact: Apple's thought that this design "looks old". Th
at did not stop to start the iPhone 4 to borrow a lot from this prototype.

At the same time, prototype P2 was proposed, the iPod mini idea turned to the iPhone. Now, however, no one remembers the old iPods, but it is easy to notice that the iPhone has a lot to do with Nokia Lumia 900 (which, of course, pure coincidence – "nokii" in 2006 looked very different.)

In a article published by The Verge, and other unusual prototypes. Here, for example the tall iPhone screen is almost square. The reason for this argument has become known 2006 interview with Sony designers and Takashi Ashidy Iyudzhina Morisavy edition of Businessweek. As lawyers say the Korean company, this is the article laid the foundations of the original design direction, elements of which we see in all the generations of iPhone.


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