Samsung is not Afraid of The Upcoming Apple Television


We suggested a pair weeks in the past about Apple trying to free up an HDTV, even supposing the Good TV anticipated with the aid of the tip of the yr so far is handiest a rumor, and we have no idea many of the options of the way forward for Apple TV, speaking about this competitors, and no longer essentially as neatly … That is the primary Samsung is stepped into the breach. Its normal supervisor of audio-video, Chris Meseley don’t go along with the again of the spoon: for him, Apple does now not be capable to design a really revolutionary tv.




We’ve not seen what they’ve done but what we can say is that they don’t have 10,000 people in R&D in the vision category. They don’t have the best scaling engine in the world and they don’t have world renowned picture quality that has been awarded more than anyone else. TVs are ultimately about picture quality. Ultimately. How smart they are… great, but let’s face it that’s a secondary consideration. The ultimate is about picture quality and there is no way that anyone, new or old, can come along this year or next year and beat us on picture quality.

The man said that Apple does not have a sufficient number of engineers in research and development in the field of video (compared to Samsung). For him, Apple does not have the "  best engine in the world  "to complete an ambitious TV. Worse, the firm at the Apple would be unable to beat the picture quality of Samsung, "  there is no one (…) this year or next year that will do better than us on the image quality  . "

Competitors are getting anxious as Apple is entering the TV market. If Apple fails to offer a TV with picture quality as good as or better than what Samsung will offer in 2012 on his TV "smart", we expect that the firm will make up the smart features of the TV, starting by adopting Siri … In the meantime, Apple will largely manage to convince content providers to join.


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