Samsung Is Planning To Release A Foldable Galaxy X This Year


The release of Samsung Galaxy X with a foldable  screen will be sooner than anticipated.

Samsung has been working on folding screens for several years, and the South Korean giant may finally be ready to showcase its first fully flexible smartphone soon.

The information about the phone, which has been termed as the Samsung Galaxy X, has been leaked as a drops account.

Recently, several specs of the Galaxy X device were revealed, referring to its name, launch date and possible distribution of its cameras.

Apparently this device will not be perfect. Although, The Korea Times reports that Samsung will be the first smartphone manufacturer in the world to launch a phone with a folding screen, this medium also said that it could end up being incredibly expensive.

According to Kim Jang-yeol, head of research at Golden Bridge Investment, the phone could cost up to 2 million South Korean won when it launches, which translates to around $1,850.

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