Apple released a few days ago, so far only in the US, a new program that allows all users to enjoy iPhone paying a small monthly fee, so you always enjoy the latest models to launch the company, which had already but the company announced a few days ago had not yet been launched.

Samsung has launched a program similar to Apple. This program is ideal for those users who want to enjoy the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge but not willing or able to make the payment that represents the cost of the terminal in a single payment.

Samsung Upgrade Program is not available for everyone, but for now is only available for the United Kingdom, which will act as a pilot to see how users respond to this new scrappage / renting plan devices. The Samsung Upgrade Program is not exactly like the Apple program (which does not charge interest in the operation) because once the contracted period has elapsed, the final price of the device is more expensive than if we paid in one installment.

According to these data, if we want to finally enjoy the Galaxy S7, due out in the UK 569 pounds, we must make a deposit and pay 56.90 lbs 24.58 lbs 24 months. At the end of 24 months, we will have paid a total of 646.82 lbs, 77.82 lbs more than the final price of the product when it reaches the market next March.

Whether users can afford it and find it more convenient to pay in full the amount of the terminal is a good choice to use this new service. Otherwise, those who want to enjoy this terminal, a few months can be expected, since the terminals Samsung usually drop very quickly in price when carrying a couple of months on the market.

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