It is know that the Samsung Galaxy are smartphones that lose value in a somewhat hasty way, going to meet them for less than half squeaky deals a year after its launch, to the disappointment of Release buyers. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 she was not going to be less, and even more when Samsung is fearing for its flagship report that seems as much revenue as it should, or at least is expected. That’s why Samsung has decided to lower the price of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge around $110.

This came just after another result of rather grim fiscal quarter, the fifth consecutive decline in profits and sales appear to Galaxy S6 not help at all, as we have been reporting months ago. The division of the Korean mobile giant has been dropped nothing more and nothing less than the 37.6 percent in revenues, mainly due to the overstatement of sales and terminal sobrefabricación Galaxy S6 Edge, who left in his underwear sales the normal edition of the Galaxy S6.

It is logical that this price drop smells bad, but not surprisingly, unlike the iPhone, it’s easy to find on the market, either second-hand or offer, the Samsung Galaxy shift, just months after his launch at prices ranging between 50% of its launch price, and that is something that increasingly less like the public, he realizes that buy a product at a very high price and that is devalued at a rapid pace, which it does not occur with the iPhone, maintaining resale prices of the highest in the market if compared with age ranges and the device terminals.

In contrast to this fall of 37% in the Samsung Galaxy, iPhones have been sold 35% more this fiscal quarter. What people leave so others collect the data are quite revealing. They have also entered other really competing companies on the Android scene, which not only offer the same, if not better, at a much more affordable price. It seems that the Samsung Galaxy took a while above their actual market price, and this is penalizing the Korean company, which does not forget, lives of the vast amount of low-end phones that are flooding the telephone companies, a as low as his money, but that would be nothing without a Samsung Galaxy S behind giving brand value.

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