Samsung making fun of Apple iPhone 6 large screen



Samsung has not trailed! The Korean manufacturer is already paying Apple’s new iPhone, announced last night during a keynote at Cupertino. Samsung Philippines issued a message on Twitter with written in large “No one will buy a great phone.” He cites a speech that had Apple and specifically Steve Jobs at a time. “Guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds,” concluded the message. Samsung took the opportunity to do a little advertising for its new Galaxy Note 4 Apple also has a model now for direct competition, namely the iPhone 6 Plus with its Full HD screen of 5.5 inches.

In the history of great phones, many users remember an advertisement for Apple iPhone 5 (below). In it, the firm showed that the size 4 inch phone was passed by the ideal since the user could do anything with his thumb. Could go from one end to the other without any problems. Obviously, this task will not be possible with the iPhone 6 and even less with the iPhone 6 Plus.

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