Samsung desires a replica of Apple and HTC patents contract


Samsung-AppleApple and HTC have announced a cross-licensing agreement, allowing the completion of the patent conflict, causing significant losses due to Taiwanese bans on the sale of products. Duration of the agreement – for ten years. Other details were “behind the scenes”. According to experts, an agreement Taiwanese company will have to pay for every Android smartphone sold royalties in the range of $6 – $8.

Samsung is not going to follow the example of HTC and Apple to sign a license agreement. This was reported by one of the top South Korean manager, who wished to remain anonymous. At the end of the week Samsung has sent a formal request to the court, which, if approved by Apple will have to be given a copy of the patents agreement with HTC.

“Apple’s apparent willingness to license these patents supports Samsung’s argument that Apple cannot show irreparable harm because monetary damages are adequate,” Samsung said in the filing.

In particular, the South Korean company is very interested in what kind of patents become part of the license agreement. The fact that the lawsuit against Apple HTC had identified a number of patents, including US Patent No. 7,469,381 “List Scrolling and Document Translation, Scaling, and Rotation on a Touch-Screen Display” and US Patent № 7,844,915 “Application programming interfaces for scrolling operations”, references to the present and in a lawsuit against Samsung. iPhone-HTC Within the experience that as a minimum one in every of them is unique within the license settlement, Apple could have to provide an explanation for to the courtroom how this reality is in line with statements that the license for “distinctive” patent firm gives, the extra opponents. Samsung’s prison consultant Boris Becher (Robert Becher) said that the shortage of willingness to license its patents to Apple South Korean firm stated the court docket in accordance with the U.S. to ban the sale of cell competitor because of irreparable harm. Add that to the request Samsung expressed that the courtroom thought to be it no later than November 27.

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