Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 render

Samsung has officially unveiled Bixby, his virtual assistant based on “S Voice” which will debut on the Galaxy S8. With Bixby, Samsung wants to differentiate itself from Siri and Google Assistant, offering its users a virtual server optimized for its smartphones, and with a very different conceptual basis. Bixby, in fact, is primarily designed to control applications, and not just to respond to user questions.

The Bixby interface will be very simple to use, with a learning curve that Samsung calls “elementary, regardless of the type of action you want to accomplish.” The same Samsung unveiled Bixby saying that should not be the users to learn how the car interacts with the world, but it is the machine that has to adapt to humans, and to achieve this objective Samsung has utilized advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

In addition to adding the wizard to new devices, what is surprising is that they add to the smartphone itself a dedicated button to activate it and evidently also respond to the voice. In any case Samsung’s top R&D manager in the software and services department, InJong Rhee, ensures that this assistant will be able to answer questions naturally dictated by the user and will become the best assistant in the market. Something that we will have to see but the main problem is as we know to put the different languages, so we will start to do so to see if it will be able to compete from the beginning or will need some time to catch up.

Samsung’s website also says that this wizard will expand to other devices of the company over time, but for the moment will be exclusive of the new devices of the brand to be presented on March 29, the Galaxy S8. Siri has many competitors, but you have to see all the possibilities they offer to be able to say if they can compete, the main problem or barrier is the language.

Thanks to Bixby, the user can control everything that you can do in an app via touchscreen, with pre-set or user-created ad hoc for the various functions phrases. The system will also be aware of the context, since it will automatically switch from voice commands to those touch according to the type of use. There are no other details, but Bixby debut definitely on the next Galaxy S8.

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