Samsung formally unveils the Nexus Top … and Ice Cream Sandwich!


And now, after a couple of months of ready, after a postponement of the adventure, Nexus Prime is finally official! The one also knows as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (much less pretty, we agree), therefore has no secrets for us and it must be admitted, it does not even no secret for some time. For indeed, it does you will probably not escape but it's several weeks that its specifications were left on the canvas
and, for once, the rumor was indeed justified. 
For full details of the new Google Phone is not complicated, it's all in the future.

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Nexus Prime / Prime Galaxy

Technically, the Nexus Prime / Nexus Galaxy offers a Super AMOLED screen of 4.65 inches with a resolution of 720 by 1280, a processor running at 1.2 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB or 32 GB of storage to the model chosen, a 5-megapixel sensor can capture video at 1080p, a second 1.3-megapixel sensor on the front, an NFC chip, a chip aGPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and all that stuff with a sprig of normal and LTE HSPA + in it, of course. Not to mention the 1750 mAh battery that goes behind it. The two spots that we can emphasize, therefore, is the lack of a microSD slot(really sad) and the sensor a little winded. 
At the same time, the latter must still remember that the Nexus range is primarily intended for developers and so this explains that.

For the design, then I think the pictures speak for themselves. The Galaxy Prime is frankly very elegant and there are a lot of elements of the Galaxy S 2, starting with the back cover and a small bulge at the base . Same also for the honeycomb texture. Frankly, this phone has not left me indifferent, and the only complaint I can make it turn a little too rounded. Otherwise, there is no lack of elegance, for sure.

Further note that the Nexus Prime / Prime Galaxy hit the market in November and that this date is valid for both the U.S. and for Europe. And here's a video shot by TechCrunch and reported by Mayeut:






Ice Cream Sandwich

But that's not all because Google and Samsung took the event to lift the veil on as the new major version of Google Android, namely Ice Cream Sandwich . And then, of course, it was worth our money.

As for design, Ice Cream Sandwich has undergone a slight facelift and we must admit that it suits her well. Widgets and Google search box is based a little more in the interface of the platform and it emerges as a sense of sobriety. Same also for the three shortcuts at the bottom of the screen and the three touch buttons that replace the hardware buttons.Somehow, we understand why Google chose aa Tron for the promotion of this new version.

But aesthetics is not everything and the firm has decided to highlight several features on its website dedicated to the Nexus :

  • Unlock Face: Provides the ability for the user to unlock his mobile with a simple photograph. But be careful, because it will smile for hope to be recognized by the latter.
  • Android Beam: Need to quickly exchange a file, contact a video? Rather than go through the Bluetooth technology, it will be possible to choose a new application, Android Beam, which is based on the NFC chip built into the premium.
  • Typing Voice: There is much talk voice recognition today with the arrival of Siri but be aware that the technology has been around for a moment on Android. That said, Google still has not decided to review its copy and a rethinking of the application interface dedicated to this task. Not sure also like it to Apple …
  • Single-Motion: To make the most of the sensor onboard the Galaxy Nexus, Google has implemented an application for photo editing and video. Again, this is a rumor that ran on the web for a while.

But of course, the news list is a bit longer. We will not list them here but still point out that Ice Cream Sandwich will give you the ability to take screenshots without rooting through the box, to access the camera directly from the lock screen, answer message without a unlock mobile, search box in your Gmail offline, up to 16 tabs open in the integrated browser, access to events of your friends in a single application ( people) and much more. For now, everything is still fresh so we will probably have to talk about it within hours and in the days ahead but we must admit that this new version of Google Android is not without interest. 

And finally, here is the promotional video of Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus.




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