Samsung opened a pretend Apple Retailer, however why?


A (Samsung) terrible ruling via a U.S. decide retains the South KoreanSamsung no longer cease Apple to problem. The Verge reports that Samsung is busy recording a new anti-Apple promotional video. The question is whetherthat will be ready in time for the launch of the iPhone 5 which will take place tomorrow.

“Samsung has once again set up a fake Apple store, replete with iOS devices, Macs, and even faked information signage. There are also cardboard cut-outs of smiling, fake Apple Geniuses wearing the exact same type of green shirt as in previous Samsung commercials. There are also faked app icons floating in the window, which match up with earlier Samsung commercials.”

Samsung has repeatedly created commercials that mocked line for the Apple and iPhone buyers buyers iPhone, but this time they decided to go a step further and created a fake Apple Store. Inside the shop there are many fake promotional materials, devices, “apple” of the company and even cardboard “geniuses.”

Samsung Store

Shop made really good and always will be people who will be able to mix it with this Apple Store, but that’s the point in this “anti-advertising” I do not see. The adverts Samsung at least it was quite obvious that the people should not stand in line for iPhone 4S, which does not really different from the previous iPhone 4, and it is better to go buy a new Samsung smartphone. Below you can see a mock-up of the new iPhone to see that Samsung will use in its advertising. This seems hopefully not remotely on the new iPhone.Perhaps aware that Samsung has done otherwise it may be sued by Apple for ‘slavishly copying Apple’s products.


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