Samsung phones design Will change soon? This is due to the pictures of what could be a turning point in the design of mobile Korean brand.

A prototype that shows quite different from those that we are used to seeing now curves.Samsung may change the design of its phones. Aware that its Galaxy smartphones can begin to tire the audience with their identical curves and tinted white for the most part, the firm would be at work on a new “form-factor.” This is again @ evleaks which publishes these stolen photos that show a more square than the current products we see at the manufacturer design.

As can be expected in this kind of pictures, they are not very clear and show some pieces of what looks like a prototype. So we were talking about a new design for the Galaxy Note 3 could give the plastic for the hull, this new rumor reinforces the idea that Samsung plans to take a turn in the next few months in terms of design its smartphones (and perhaps his tablets).

Again, nothing is less certain and we do not know if Samsung is behind the shell that is reminiscent of the squarish shape of the Sony Xperia Z. Anyway, refresh the design of Samsung phones would be welcome, as it becomes difficult to distinguish between different models for less experienced users.

Possibly the appearance of the Galaxy Notice three function a turning level within the design, form and supplies of Samsung merchandise. What do you assume of the present design of Galaxy gadgets?

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