According to rumors, iPhone 5S is to feature fingerprint sensor technology. As one of the arguments in favor of this fact is Apple buying  a leading provider of security solutions,  which is Identification and Sensing AuthenTec. However, as it turned out, “fruit” company is not the only one who wants to use fingerprints to identify users. Similar technology is going to introduce in their gadgets Korean Samsung.

Sammobile found this information in the new firmware smartphone Galaxy S III. According to the source, Samsung forgot to remove it from some “incriminating” information. And in the file SecSettings.apk was found a few pictures with the image of a fingerprint. And one of them that the fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the home button phone Samsung.


Earlier it was reported that Apple delayed the launch of the phone iPhone 5S due to manufacturing problems with a fingerprint reader. The company allegedly studied the proper color coating, which would not cause harmful interference to that sensor. The engineers had to overcome the phenomenon of interference that occurs from the black or white body material in the layer covering the front of the glass.

It is assumed that the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S will eliminate the login and password on the device, providing a faster and more secure way to authenticate the user in different applications. It is also expected that the scanner will be integrated with the program Passbook, which will significantly expand its functionality.

Following the new iPhone 5S, debuting this fall, the sensor is rumored to appear in other gadgets Apple. One of them – the smart watch iWatch, who is looking forward to the whole world this year.[via SAMMOBILE]

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