Samsung refused manufacture A8 processors because of facilities insufficient capacity to produce chips made ​​in compliance with the 20 – nm process technology , according to Taiwanese newspaper TechNews.

Samsung for many years remained the largest supplier of components – memory modules , processors and screens – for mobile electronics Apple. However, in recent years, competition between vendors has increased, and relations have deteriorated , including because of the numerous trials of patent cases.

In this regard, Apple has seriously decided to gain independence from the maximum production capacity Samsung. Moreover, new facts are actively encouraging American vendor to look for new suppliers.

” Now the main problem faced by Samsung, is the lack of volume production of 20 – nm processors . The Company is unable to supply chips for Apple in the right quantities , so Samsung had to abandon the contract A8 “, – writes TechNews.

TechNews clarifies that the Cupertino company plans to transfer orders from Samsung  to the Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC. Besides, the production of chips for Apple A8 will respond to Amkor Technology, STATS ChipPAC and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE).

Earlier.  it was reported that TSMC has already begun trial edition production of 20 – nanometer technology . Serial production of the company expects to learn in the coming months . Development of advanced technology is ahead of schedule .

Note that neither Apple, nor Samsung have provided any comment on the information provided by TechNews. Therefore, it is necessary to perceive this with skepticism .

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