Samsung Requests $533 Million Verdict In Apple Case


phone-before-after-iPhoneThe battle between Samsung and Apple continues and now after a few days in which we have heard again about both companies. This time,  Samsung was recently ordered to pay $539 million to Apple for infringing the design patents of some old iPhones, but the South Korean company is not opposing and appeals $145 million for invalid lawsuit in a separate case.

So this more than being close to coming to an end, is closer to continuing for a while on the front line. The South Korean company is not willing to take this amount of money to compensate for the damages, for which it is denounced and have requested the review of the sanction with the refusal of payment of this sum of money.

They have more than 7 years with this demand and it seems that they will not be “as friends” despite the fact that Apple and Samsung were not protagonists of the judicial battles that we lived a few years ago, especially in the time of Jobs. In this case from Samsung ensures that the copy of your Galaxy model is not as obvious as it seems and reduce the amount they would have to pay up to an amount that we do not think Apple likes, about $30 million.

This new pulse in the judicial process speaks of the “copy” of specific components and not the iPhone in general, therefore they do not believe that the enormous sanction imposed is just, but in Apple they are very clear that the first Samsung Galaxy models are a copy of the first iPhone. In any case it is important to say that Apple filed the complaint for the reasonable general resemblance of the Galaxy, both in the design and in the position of the apps and others. So it seems that the litigation between the two will be intense this summer.

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