Samsung Shows Off A Foldable 7.3-inch Phone With Infinity Flex Display


Samsung shows off its first folding phone, rumored to be the iPhone killer at its developer conference SDC in San Francisco. When folded, the futuristic mobile phone is finger-thick – and reveals an impressively large display with a diagonal of 7.3-inch and a resolution of 2152×1536 pixels (420 dpi).

The mass production of the folding screen begins, according to Samsung already “in the coming months”. Details on devices using the so-called “Infinity Flex” display are not yet available.

The device demonstrated by Samsung has a front small display of 840×1960 pixels with a 21: 9 aspect ratio, which is active in the closed state. If you open the smartphone, the app used on the small display should appear without delay on the large folding screen.

Samsung’s new user interface “One UI” provides support for the Flat screen. Another feature is the simultaneous display of three apps on display, Samsung calls the “Multi-Active Window”.

A developer’s fold-mobile emulator is scheduled for release later this year on the Samsung developer website.

Google has also announced that it will support
 Infinity Flex Display’s foldable as of the next version of its mobile operating system.  

Samsung is not the only manufacturer and not the first: The Chinese company Royale has already a foldable screen with Flex display on the market, opened its screen is 7.8 inches tall. The Flex display looks thicker than the Samsung device; however, we were able to see this for only a few seconds in low light conditions on the SDC stage. Samsung has not yet released product photos, there are only schematics.

Samsung has been using flexible displays since 2011, and since then Koreans have been showing technical studies on bendable OLED screens. Concrete products, however, have not emerged so far.

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