Samsung, surpassed Nokia as top handset supplier



For some time, the smartphone market leader Samsung challenged even Apple, in a segment of conventional phones longtime leader has been brought down by Nokia which managed to stay on top of the rankings. However, according to analysts IHS iSuppli, this year it will be possible to speak about the complete triumph of the Korean manufacturer.

At the end of 2012 Samsung has captured 29% of the mobile phone market, pushing the first time in 14 years, Nokia, with its 24% market share in the second place. A year ago the share of Samsung accounted for 24% of the market, and the Finnish company held 30%. Now rivals almost reversed. For both vendors it will record: Nokia first time since 1998 will not in the first place, and Samsung will be the first time in the lead.

According to IHS iSuppli, Samsung is due to the success of a diversified lineup of devices, which are present and smartphones equipped with the latest technology, and low-cost model for all segments of the market. In turn, Nokia is in the process of transfer of production of their devices on the platform Windows Phone, and while its share continues to decline.


It is notable that the progress in smartphones makes this possible castling. This year, the share of “umnofonov” will have 47% of the market for mobile phones – a year ago the figure was 35%. The global smartphone market this year increased by 35.5%, while mobile phones are generally sold only 1% better.

In the segment of smartphones Samsung has improved the position from 20% to 28% by the end of this year. Nokia significantly weakened position – from 16% to 5%. It seems that the interest rate on the operating system in the Microsoft case, the Finnish manufacturer has not justified. Apple strengthened its position in second place with 19% to 20%. A year ago, Samsung and Apple share all the same one percent of the market.


As envisioned by way of iSuppli, in 2013 the percentage of smartphones within the world cell phone shipments will develop to fifty six%, and their producers will beef up a dominant place within the trade.

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