Samsung: Three new phones in Bada 2.0


And sure, we nonetheless discuss cell phone … I do know, through power, it turns into a addiction.&#one hundred sixty;On the other hand, this time there is not any query of the iPhone or the closing 5 cell twin-core as Google Android, however a bit recognized platform and edited with the aid of Samsung.&#one hundred sixty;As you’ll find, I’m after all regarding Bada.&#one hundred sixty;For certainly, we simply discovered that the Korean automaker would make the most of the 2011 IFA to unveil three new telephones in Bada hundred and sixty;Wave three&#one hundred sixty;, the&#a hundred and sixty;M Wave&#a hundred and sixty;and&#one hundred sixty;Wave Y&#one hundred sixty;.&#one hundred sixty;Yep, at this stage is now not a wave, its only a tsunami.


Strict accordance with the new nomenclatureSamsung has decked out its three new mobile lovely letters. Yes finally, except for the first but it's perfectly normal (or not, who knows)since it is an officer on the high end. The Wave 3 and offer a nice aluminum top design, a Super AMOLED screen of 4 inches, a processor running at 1.4 Ghz, the devilish combo 3G / WiFi / Bluetooth, a microSD slot, aGPS chip and a 5-megapixel sensor with LED flash. Okay, Samsung could have hit the 8 megapixel but hey, it's okay.

The Samsung Wave M , we know thanks to the new names of the firm, will seek more medium-range. This mobile will be well equipped with a 3.65 inch touch screen (not AMOLED, of course) with a resolution of 320 by 480, a processor running at 832 Mhz (they are very specific to Korean) , a 5-megapixel sensor, a port microSD and always the same devilish combo finally found everywhere.

And finally, we are … * drum roll * … Samsung Wave Y ! There, the friends, is the entry level, we must limit the self-assembly. However, on paper, it still takes most of the technical specifications of the M Wave while offering a 3.2 inch touch screen (same resolution as its big brother) and a tiny 2-megapixel sensor. Yeah, like that of the iPhone 3G, except that it came on the market in 2007 ….

M'enfin the right side of the thing is that these three embark on new mobile instant messaging service of the firm, namely the Samsung ChatOn . Class too, eh … Finally, it is unclear when these phones hit the market nor the price they are offered but the veil should logically rise at the end of the week.


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