Samsung To Earn $110 On Each iPhone X Sold


iphone_xDespite their ongoing legal battles and the obvious rivalry between Samsung and Apple, the reality is that both companies have a more than close relationship and they can not live the one without the other. The latest evidence of this is that the Korean company will earn $110 for each iPhone X components that Samsung manufactures for Apple.. according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

The most expensive component made by Samsung for the iPhone X is clearly the OLED screen. This is a customized display, built according to the specific specifications dictated by Apple and therefore more expensive than the classic ones. Samsung also makes other “minor” components on the iPhone X, for a total of about $110 earned for each single device sold by Apple.

In total, according to this report, Samsung may have to pocket about $ 4 billion through iPhones sales. In addition, CLSA’s investment bank orders from components for the various iPhones account for more than a third of all getting into Samsung …

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