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Samsung had attended the launch of Windows 7 with its Omnia Phone 7. And the manufacturer seems to want to continue this momentum. AsiaOne, in an analysis of the smartphone market in Thailand, book reviews of several players on their intentions in the world.

The local director of Samsung has said that his company planned to launch 15-20 new handsets in 2011.

With surprise, a focus on the new Microsoft OS. For 50 units including Windows 7 Phone, Samsung plans to make Android 24 with Bada and 5 with the house system.

Samsung does not count for anything on the phone market worldwide. He appeared in second place, between Nokia and LG, with 71 million phones sold in the third quarter of 2010 (117 million to 17 million Nokia and LG). In 2011, Samsung intends to push up its market share in smartphones from 14% to about 30%.

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