Samsung to partner with Google to optimize TouchWiz

Image Credit: Samsung

TouchWiz is a front interface installed on Samsung devices, which can be customized using various themes. Some of the problems with TouchWiz is that it comes with many preinstalled applications that can not be uninstalled and consume a lot of memory. Now there are rumors that Samsung could partner with Google to optimize the interface of Google, that according to Samsung Viet.

The rumor that Google would help improve TouchWiz Samsung comes at an interesting time. In the past, Google has worked with HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei and Samsung to build Nexus devices. Now there are reports that Google would begin manufacturing its own smartphones.

Although Android has a dominant share in the smartphone market, Apple’s iPhone leads in earnings. In fact, today, the iPhone larger screen terminals as the iPhone and the iPhone 6 Plus Plus 6S are convincing users to switch to Android devices Cupertino firm.

Through the creation of its own hardware, Google could ensure higher product versions sponsored “stock” Android quality. At one point, the relationship between Google and Samsung was somewhat contentious. In February 2014, Samsung launched another customizable user interface called UX Magazine tablets in the Pro Series. However, users could not turn UX Magazine as it was built into the tablets. Google prefers its manufacturing partners submit devices with versions of “stock” Android, that is, the original version of the operating system, free apps or additional modifications.

Google executives furious with the changes brought Magazine UX operating system star. In June 2014, Bloomberg said UX Magazine enraged since Google executives hid Google services as its store applications and required playstore Android users to learn a new number of behaviors. Magazine UX also replaced the Google browser, Chrome, Google Hangouts, Google Voice Search and Google Wallet with Samsung’s own applications performing similar functions.

Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO recently joined that Android was the leader at the time, undertook to resolve the situation. After launching UX Magazine, Pichai held several meetings with the director of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin. After the meetings, Samsung decided to reduce UX Magazine. Samsung and Google also signed a ten-year patent that covers all current and future technology in this area (Souce Forbes).

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